400 Gallon Space Saver Sprayer 

GNC  400 gallon space saver is the number one selling large tank for 1 ton trucks. The space saving design conserves as much space in the bed as possible. Great for all spraying industries, Anti-Icing, Lawn Care, Pest Control, Turf and many more areas where a quality sprayer is needed. 

Standard Features:
*400 Gallon Space Saver Tank
*P-Series Piston Pump (Standard)
*Honda Commercial Engine
*Jet Agitation
*Airgap/Back Flow Prevention
*Easy Access Suction Filter
*Stainless Steel 
     – Frame
     – Tank Straps
     – Hose Reel Risers
     – Pump & Engine Plate

Available Options:
     *Diaphragm Pump
     *Electric Start Engine
     *Manual Hose Reel Package
     *Electric Hose Reel Package
     *Hose Reel Roller Guides
     *Quick Disconnect
     *Spray Gun

Note: To allow you to customize your sprayer the way you want it, hose reel packages are sold separately. 

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