Standard Specs:

⇒ Max Flow: 10 GPM ⇒ Shaft Size: 3/4″
⇒Max Pressure: 600 PSI ⇒ Inlet: 1″
⇒Max Rate Seed: 700 RPM ⇒ Outlet: 1/2″
⇒Engine: Honda GX 160 ⇒ Weight: 30 lbs.
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The P530 pump and engine module is known as the industries work horse. Designed with 3 ceramic pistons, built in air/pulsation damper for smooth operation. The P530 piston pump is equipped with a built-in pressure regulator, stainless steel valves, PTFE seals and packings.  The P530 piston pump is powered by a “CERTIFIED” Honda commercial grade engine with oil alert.  What does “certified” mean to you?  It means Honda comes to our manufacturing facility and runs rigorous test and gives their engine on GNC equipment a stamp of approval. 

The P530 piston pump powered by Honda GX160 commercial engine give you  8 GPM and 0-600 PSI. Pressure and output are designed for optimum performance of small to medium-sized sprayers. The P530/Honda Pump Module has been approved to be used on pest control sprayers, lawn care sprayer, turf sprayers, anti-deicing sprayers and small tree sprayers.

Initial Set-Up:

* Check Pump and Engine Oil Levels

⇒ P530 SAE30 Non Detergent

* Check Engine Gas Level

⇒ Add Fuel as Needed

* Check Engine Gas Shut Off

⇒ Set to Full Throttle (Rabbit)

* Check Pump Regulator Settings

⇒ Large Red Knob Set to “START”


* Set Engine Switch to “ON”

* Check Pump Regulator Settings

⇒ Large Red Knob to “START” position

⇒ Small Black Knob to “PRESSURE RELEASE” position

* Pull Engine Cord (Use choke as needed)

* Once Engine is started

⇒ Calibrate sprayer to desired performance.

honda engine
p530 pump

Start Up

Change Oil

Clean Filter

Check Valves

P530 Packing Replacement

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