Standard Features:

  • Choice of 75 or 100 Gallon Tank
  • P530 Piston Pump (0-600PSI)
  • Commercial Electric Start Engine
  • Seal Battery with Self Charging System
  • Electric Hose Reel with Roller Guides
  • 200 ft x 3/8″ High Pressure Hose
  • Mag-1 Do-All Multi-Nozzle Spray Gun
  • Choice of Board Carrier or Cargo Tray

Who Needs a Hot Shot Sprayer?

Fire departments that need a single hot shot fire sprayer to fill gaps in their equipment arsenal.  

These units easily slides into a standard size pick up and most UTV’s on the market.  The high pressure (0-600 PSI, 10GPM) pump allows you to conserve your water for when you need it the most.

The GNC Hot Shot sprayer line comes equipped with an electric start commercial engine plus an electric hose reel both with manual override features.  These units are unique because they have a built in battery system. This eliminates the need to permanently wire the unit to your vehicle.  The built in battery system allows for faster response times.

What Makes the GNC Hot Shot Sprayer so Versatile?

GNC units  can be used as a DECONTAMINATION AND RECOVERY unit when operating the unit with fresh water. The video highlights these features, demonstrating how quickly one is able to switch out the nozzle on the spray gun and immediately start the decontamination and recovery period.

Another leading industry feature is the ability to fill back-pack sprayers  without interfering with the person operating the main system. Plus, these units are equipped with an auxiliary/draft system which allows you to pull water from an alternate water source.

Fire fighting professionals can also run foam through the system.

Initial Set-Up:

* Check Pump and Engine Oil Levels

⇒ P530 SAE30 Non Detergent

* Check Engine Gas Level

⇒ Add Fuel as Needed

* Check Engine Gas Shut Off

⇒ Set to Full Throttle (Rabbit)

* Check Pump Regulator Settings

⇒ Large Red Knob Set to “START”


* Set Engine Switch to “ON”

* Check Pump Regulator Settings

⇒ Large Red Knob to “START” position

⇒ Small Black Knob to “PRESSURE RELEASE” position

* Pull Engine Cord (Use choke as needed)

* Once Engine is started

⇒ Calibrate sprayer to desired performance.

honda engine
p530 pump


Start Up

Change Oil

Clean Filter

Check Valves

P530 Packing Replacement

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