THE BOSS Space Saver Features:

  • Available in 200, 300 or 400 Gallon
  • Commercial Space Saver Tank
  • P530 Piston Pump
  • Commercial Electric Motor
  • 4 Sealed Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Commercial Smart Self Charging System
  • Electric Hose Reel Package
  • Stainless Steel Frame

THE BOSS ~ Battery Operated Space Saver

GNC’s Battery Operated Space Saver sprayer (BOSS) is the solution to the demands the industry has been needing for decades!

A single charge will spray 600 gallons at 2 GPM @100 PSI. 

That is 300,000 sq. ft.!

  • Spray all day on a single charge
  • Battery system with charger pre-wired ready for use
  • Readily available replacement batteries
  • Environmentally friendly and saves on fuel costs
  • Work in noise control areas where others cannot
  • Includes battery saver mode operation

It's Really that Quiet!


It’s time to be seen, not heard, while you spray.

Neighborhoods associations across the United States have been increasingly cracking down on noise pollution.


The BOSS all electric sprayer enables professionals to increase their spraying times and their over all profits.